Mr. P Adventures

Meet Mr. P

Mr. P is new to our centers and our newsletter. In fact, he will be making monthly appearances in the newsletter so you will want to watch for him to see what he is up to.

Mr. P loves to see what the activities are at the different centers so he can plan what he wants to participate in. He also finds it helpful to read the various informational articles and use suggestions to improve his life. But Mr. P has become so involved in reading the newsletter that we cannot find him. We need your help.

When you locate Mr. P in the newsletter let your center manager know. She will enter you in a drawing for a Walmart gift card. A drawing will take place at each center. You do not have to be present to win, just make sure the center manager has your phone number so she can give you a call. “Meals-on-Wheels” people can participate too. Just phone in your find to the center manager. If you happen to be the lucky winner your meal driver can deliver the gift card.

Have fun finding Mr. P.